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Making Buttons:

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Button Maker S1/B400-Button Making Machine Assembly Instructions

  1. Install the acrylic board: screw in the machine body on the acrylic board with the washers.
  2. Putting on the handle: simply screw the handle to the upper lot.
  3. Installation of Moulds:
              (1) Installing the upper mould: insert the upper mould with the 1 cm metal stick facing you, feel free to slightly spin around the mould till its top magnet bar is secured.
              (2) Slot in the A mould and B mould on the swivel/rotary plate with the letter A & B respectively facing the corresponding letter on the plate.

Making a Pin Button/ a Magnet Button/ a Bottle Opener with Magnet using B400

  1. Place an upper shell onto A mould with the sharp edge facing downward. Place the graphic/design paper on the shell followed by a piece of Mylar. Align the graphic to the vertical pin of the A mould to adjust orientation.
  2. Rotate/swivel the plate to set A mould properly stop by the upper mould. Hold the machine body by one hand and pull down the handle gently till its furthest then release it.
  3. Place a back component onto B mould with the sharp edge facing up. Align the back to the vertical pin of the B mould for proper orientation. When making the metal back pin button, the magnet button, (32/37/44/58/65/75mm), the bottle opener(58/65mm), a washer/gasket is recommended to put onto B mould before the back component goes in.
  4. Repeat step#2 but set B mould instead.
  5. Rotate/swivel the plate to collect the finished button.


  1. When changing the upper mould, be careful of the top mould dropping.
  2. Please do not put your fingers between the upper mould and the bottom moulds.

Button Maker B400 Assembly Guide: