Frequently Asked Questions


FOR Button Press Machine / Molds / Parts Components/ Paper Cutter.

(System of Measurement: Metric System)

1. Does the Button Machine Kit contain the Press, Molds, and assembly tools?

Yes. All ChiButtons Button Machine Kits contain all required components to assemble the Press and begin to use it right away!

2. How to customize my own kit:

1) Select a button (Press) machine.

2) Select the size and shape of your mould based on your needs.

3) Select a preferred cutter out of circle, handling or stand cutters.

3. What shapes and sizes of the interchangeable Molds are available from

4. Which set of mould is for my button maker?







5. What Components products, shapes, and sizes are available?

All products are in the Metric System.

6. How do I align the pinback and the front image when making pin badges?

7. Do you offer warranty on your products?

Yes, we provide ONE (1) YEAR warranty for Maker B400, Maker-1, ChiButtons molds, and (handling & stand) cutters from the date of original purchase.

ChiButtons Enterprises Inc. / reserves all the right of final explanations.

8. How do I contact you for product-related issues?

Contact us by email ( if you have any inquiries about our products.

You can also call +(1) 604-270-0600 between 10 am - 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

Questions About Custom Make Buttons

1. What sizes, shapes and products are available for custom buttons?

Currently we offer from 25, 32, 37, 44, 58, 75, to 100mm in round shapes or in irregular shapes from square, rectangle, heart, pentagon, hexagon to oval on the buttons. Pin badge, Fridge Magnet, Keychain, Mirror are the most popular products in our store.

2. Is there a minimum quantity of items I need to order for delivery?

No, feel free to choose as many as you like!

3. Can I use your website to design my own buttons and place the order?

Yes, you can!

Below are three methods for you to design your own buttons:

4. When will I receive my ChiButtons custom make button order?

We strive at offering fast and quality service! Approval from you is the key to our success! Once we heard you say “YES” to the design, we will move on to producing your exclusive buttons! In general, this process takes 1-10 business days depending on the quantity. Expect some delivery time as well! Come contact us if your order is time-sensitive! Reach us at or call +(1) 604-270-0600.


1. What countries do you ship to?

ChiButtons can ship orders to Canada, United States, and internationally.

2. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Normally we will ship out the orders in 1 to 2 business days.

Expedited Shipment Service:

Canada: 2-7 business days.

U.S.A: 4-10 business days.

See if it can ship even faster? Contact us at for special shipment request.

3. Can I rent a ChiButtons Machine?

Yes, click here for details:

Not sure which one to rent? Contact us at for professional advices!

4. Which kind of paper should I use to print the image?

We recommend using the 135g photo paper or paper not above 200g. Please notice that one button requires only 1 sheet of paper and 1 piece of Mylar, otherwise it may result in jamming your machine.

  • Graphic paper: for the best results, use light bond (basic photocopy paper) paper since thicker papers do not press as well.

  • Purchase recommended paper:

  • Recommend Printer: inkjet printers

5. Can I use other materials such as fabric for my buttons?

Yes, some thin fabrics can be pressed onto buttons. In this case, the Mylar is optional. However, there is no guarantee that all thin fabrics are applicable. To find out if yours works, kindly contact us and we will provide guidance for sampling.

6. Is there any difference between the Maker-B400 and Maker-1 button machines?



Compact & Durable:

Strong and lightweight machine body made of aluminum and stainless-steel for easy storage and transport; rotating plate with invisible slots for easy and accurate moulds setup; quality handle provides increased comfort and control while making buttons.

Compact & Durable:

Compact and lightweight machine body for easy storage and transport; slide-slot plate provides easy and accurate moulds setup; quality handle provides increased comfort and control while making buttons.

Interchangeable Die Moulds:

Button Maker-B400 works with 3-piece moulds in different shapes from round, rectangle, oval, square, heart, pentagon, hexagon to triangle; and in multiple sizes from 25mm to 100mm.

Interchangeable Die Moulds:

Button Maker-1 works with 2-piece moulds in multiple sizes from 25mm to 75mm.

7. Why is my payment through Braintree failed? What should I do?

The Payment transaction failed via Braintree could happen because the billing address you put in does not match the one registered at the bank. You may select PayPal as your payment option and complete transaction without logging into a PayPal account.