As a proudly British Columbia company, ChiButtons has strived to become the best button solution provider ever since 2014. We offer various button products from machine kits to metal pin backs, fridge magnets, bottle openers, keychains and more to satisfy any need. Based in the city of Richmond, we are dedicated to serving Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world. And we are continuously evolving to a better company and introducing more products for all button lovers.


ChiButtons button maker and all relative supplies bring you all the fun to customize your badges. With the help of ChiButtons editor, uploading your designs, adding extra touches, or even creating a unique artwork is easier than never. With the help of circle, handling or stand cutter, you cannot imagine how simple it is to bring your design into buttons. How so? You put button parts with your design together and press it twice! Then you can carry your favourite characters, best friends, families or your little puppy on your backpack with the pin backs; or you can prepare the most unforgettable birthday gift with the keychains; maybe you want to see your favourite NBA players on the fridge magnet buttons; or you can share the best memories you had with the person you like!


ChiButtons is here to help host parties and events as well! With the high-quality glossy paper, we ensure your company logo or message is presented in the best way on the buttons from 25, 32, 37, 44, 58, 75, to 100mm or in all shapes from round, square, heart, pentagon, hexagon to oval! If you have a deadline coming up and you need a professional to deliver finished buttons on time, ChiButtons is your ideal choice! We provide customizes services for all styles of buttons you need. If you have no time to prepare a design, simply send us your ideas and sketches, and wait to see our magic to turn them alive!


Whether you are looking for button machines, supplies, designs, or just wishing to turn your ideas into buttons, ChiButtons is the key to all you need! We are ChiButtons, the professional button solution provider! Contact us now at for more information.